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Harvey J Graff
27 June 2022

Part Three (of Four)

Residents’ lack of basic rights (cont’d.)

Adequate city services

I can call attention to only a...

Harvey J Graff
24 June 2022

Part Two (of Four)

In the shadows of democracy (cont’d.)

City Council appointments and elections

The process of...

Harvey J Graff
21 June 2022

Part One (of Four)

Unlike those of any other U.S. city of its size, and certainly its slogan-dominated, boosterish aspirations, residents of...

Harvey J Graff
16 June 2022

Dear Kenny McDonald:

I write to you in your capacity as the new CEO of the self-proclaimed since 2002, Columbus Partnership.


Harvey J Graff
09 June 2022

Early twenty-first century’s continuing contradictions

With Franklinton’s increasing geographic and structural isolation came population loss:...

Harvey J Graff
05 June 2022

Early Franklinton and Columbus’ forgotten beginnings

Dismissed, when even noticed by City government and city residents alike, Columbus’...