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Walter "Ted" Carter, Jr.
26 August 2023

I am both stunned and unsurprised with the August 22 2:00 pm announcement of the selection of retired Vice Admiral Walter “Ted” Carter...

Brutus Buckeye
23 August 2023

Part One

Among the countless missions of colleges and universities for centuries is providing a responsible, safe environment and one or...

Fire truck
21 August 2023

On Wednesday, August 16, reportedly at 8:56 am, a multiple alarm fire erupted in a large student rental house at 1996 Iuka Ave in the heart of fraternity...

Face with lightbulb inside head
16 August 2023

There is endless chatter about the “decline of,” “loss of interest in,” or “end of” the humanities among and about college students and...

New York Times newspaper
11 August 2023

We live among swelling waves of misinformation and disinformation. This is sometimes by accident but increasingly by design in organized campaigns. The...

House and words Zoning
08 August 2023

Part Two

(Anti-)Zoning (Anti-)Enforcement, under the auspices of City Attorney and City Council, forms...