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Woman teaching a college class
14 January 2024

Especially in the United States but across the world, we witness a stunning recurrence of an at least 60 year old tradition. University presidents, most...

Indianola Presbyterian Church
08 January 2024

The Indianola Presbyterian Church was built in 1916 in the center of Columbus’ historic, once noted and desirable University District. It was...

Old Dispatch building
28 December 2023

I have received and read a daily printed newspaper since I was learning to read more than 70 years ago. I grew up with the print edition of the Sunday ...

white man smiling
17 December 2023

I begin with a question to all residents of Columbus, Ohio. Was any one of you actually fooled by City’s Council several year...

11 December 2023

This is dedicated to “Senator” J.D. Vance who now ignorantly assaults his alma mater on the basis of an ignorant, ideologically-driven ...

House, gavel and foreclosure sign
06 December 2023

Note: What is Ginther doing at the Climate Summit in Dubai? Is he taking lessons? Having a vacation?  Watching the “sun rise” over a city with a...