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17 December 2006
Bursting forth with renewed intensity, the “War on Christmas” is back in 2006.

So just what does this alleged war against an impalpable enemy...
11 December 2006
Pelted by a perpetual hail of electrons fired through a cathode ray tube, the pixels on my PC monitor feed me a generous intellectual bounty of words and...
26 November 2006
[Author's Note to Establish Context: I composed this on 11/24/06, the day after Thanksgiving]

"Tell me where do I belong in this sick society...
22 November 2006
[I dedicate this essay to the untold millions who suffered as a result of Milton Friedman’s creation of an intellectual bulwark for economic brutality. On 11/...
15 November 2006
“The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.”
---Henry Kissinger, New York Times, October 28, 1973

22 October 2006
"Non-violence is a weapon of the strong." --Mahatma Gandhi

"It is with regret that I pronounce the fatal truth: Louis ought to perish rather than...