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Tall downtown skyscrapers
13 January 2016

JPMorgan Chase and Co. is a bank “too big to fail,” and according to the G20 or The Group of Twenty, it is the bank too big to fail.

Photo of Vivitrol drug
09 December 2015

Just how serious has the problem of heroin addiction become for Columbus and its suburbs?
   Before a recent 60 Minutes story that exposed the local...

Elderly woman with marijuana sign
08 November 2015

When word began to spread on election night that Athens County – a long-time stronghold for Ohio marijuana legalization – was soundly defeating Issue 3 by...

Photo of Rick Kirk
26 October 2015

Just who in the heck is Rick Kirk?
  If Issue 3 indeed becomes law, and you reside in Franklin County and a marijuana user, Kirk is going...

Buddy mascot with DEA agents
16 October 2015

As the day of days nears for Ohio medicinal and recreational users of marijuana, questions and rumors about how exactly Issue 3 could affect their lifestyle...

Pig in a tux
28 September 2015

The Ohio State University endowment reached the $3.6 billion mark in 2014 and ranked 22nd out of 800-plus US public and private colleges and...