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A guy with a bleeding face, cops and protestors
16 June 2020

“There was nothing that I can tell was improper from that incident,” said Clermont County (Bethel) prosecutor Vince Farris about the sucker punch to the...

Bird's eye view of the serpent mound, a green snaky looking thing on the ground, surrounded by trees
03 August 2017

Built by native peoples roughly 2,000 years ago, the Ohio Earthworks – such as Serpent Mound and the Newark Octagon – are on the threshold ofachieving...

COTA bus, sllver bus with red white and blue curvy stripe on side driving in dusk
05 July 2017

On May 1st COTA overhauled its transit system by increasing routes and connections, including to more jobs, such as at Rickenbacker on the far southeast...

Big tall building with arms looking like it is throwing up on a short building
02 May 2017

Many people agree the Short North is not what it used to be. Once upon a time it was cool, soulful and local. It was more Paul Volker than Thomas Kinkade....

Three police ICE officers
16 February 2017

Federal agents from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office, also known by the chilling acronym ICE, have ramped up their efforts locally since...

Trump with Ohio flag
03 November 2016

John F. Kennedy once said: “There is no city in the United States which I get a warmer welcome and fewer votes than Columbus, Ohio.”

Even if you live...