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A press conference with a black man in a suit holding a mic for another black man with glasses and a white shirt to talk into and other people standing around watching
07 December 2017

Columbus City Council members opened up their emails on November 20 to find a letter from Leah Aden, Senior Counsel for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (the “...

harriet tubman
31 January 2017

Columbus Oligarchy and Franklin County Democratic Politicians Defend Our Racially Biased System – Embracing Racial Superiority as “The Columbus Way...

Jon Beard and Al Sharpton
24 October 2016

Opposition to City Council format and city schools levy growing from the grassroots

Feds called to investigate Columbus...

29 August 2016

Who is Zach Klein and where did he come from?

On the heels of Represent Columbus’ Issue One, which was perhaps the most partisan political event in...

01 August 2016

Jonathan Beard is the energy and inspiration behind Issue 1, the vote to end the...

05 July 2016

There is an old joke I remember:

Q.: “How do you know when a politician is lying”
A: “His/her lips...