Julie Whitney Scott is an Ohio poet, author, playwright, director, producer and founder of Mine 4 God Productions LLC and the Columbus Black Theatre Festival held every 2nd weekend in July in Columbus, Ohio.  She is also the host of Julie Whitney Scott Presents on WGRN - LPFM 94.1.

Articles by Author

19 March 2024

The Truth Would Help

Detective Richardson was in his office, smoking a cigar and looking out of his window, deep in thought. He was...

11 March 2024

Is It You? 

I woke up early this morning without the aid of my mother calling me or Jean pulling the covers off of my body. I was...

03 March 2024

A Problem Even in Death

When Jimmy came home last night he went straight to his bedroom. He was bone-tired, mentally, and physically...

26 February 2024

Is This My Punishment?

Judge Janet Washington took a sip of her coffee as she read the messages that were starting to pile up on her desk....

19 February 2024

Do I Want to Know


I was waiting anxiously for Jean to come home from school. Mr. Jimmy had beaten her home, and I was...

12 February 2024

Don't got to be grown

Jimmy sat down heavily on his bed taking off his shoes and socks. He lay down on his bed looking up at the...