Julie Whitney Scott is an Ohio poet, author, playwright, director, producer and founder of Mine 4 God Productions LLC and the Columbus Black Theatre Festival held every 2nd weekend in July in Columbus, Ohio.  She is also the host of Julie Whitney Scott Presents on WGRN - LPFM 94.1.

Articles by Author

Painting of a black man's face against a yellow and orange circle on a white sided building with a bouquet of flowers in the foreground
04 April 2018

On March 27th, 2018, once again, the legal “authorities” made the same decision that seems to be the norm when it comes to police officers killing black man...

Black and white photo of a black woman with shoulder length hair, black rimmed glasses, a leopard print top and a necklace
05 March 2018

On January 23, 2018 in Kentucky a 15-year-old male student brought a handgun into Marshall County High School and killed two students and injured eighteen...

Large white SUV with Police in letters on the side and lights on top
04 January 2018

As I write this article, the total number of homicides in Columbus has reached a record breaking number of 140, breaking the previously held record of 139...

Cartoonish face of Trump with orange skin and pursed lips next to words Warning anxious dismissive inflexible and more
06 December 2017

Achievement is a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage or skill. Attainment, realization, accomplishment, fulfilment, implementation,...

Book cover with black man in suit with pink tie looking ahead with hand by side of head as if thinking and some white pills to the right and the name Umar Johnson in red letters below
04 November 2017

Dr. Umar Johnson returned to Columbus this past October. Dr. Johnson is a doctor of clinical psychology and certified school psychologist. In his...

Magazine cover with word TIME at the top and football player in red and gold jersey kneeling and facing the camera and words about him - Colin Kapernick
03 October 2017

Well, our President in Twitter Chief, Donald Trump, has once again trumped his own self.  This time he’s taking on the rights of athletes to protest the...