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Police car
26 December 2021

The Columbus Police Department (CPD) did a sloppy job handling the kidnapping and murder of Imam Mohamed Adam.

The family of the Somali Imam Mohamed...

Josh Mandel
11 May 2021

As a Muslim, a retired veteran of the US Air Force and a proud Ohioan, I am sick and tired of Josh Mandel’s racist and Islamophobic behavior. He doesn’t...

16 March 2010
I sat down seven years ago this month with my son Adam and told him about the tragic death of a brave American woman named Rachel Corrie. As I informed him who...
06 May 2009
The current relations between the U.S. and Iran are not a pretty picture; in fact it is like a roller-coaster ride. This is a bad news for Muslims in America...
14 March 2008
Dear editor,

Way to go to Israel!

Finally the Israeli army killed the person who is responsible for missile and rocket attacks from...
15 March 2004
Dear Editor,

Only a few days before she paid the ultimate price, Rachel Corrie told reporters,” I feel like what I’m witnessing is a very systematic...