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20 February 2024

Shane McCrae is the son of a white woman and a black man. In order to save Shane from the indignity and evils of being reared by his father, his mother’s...

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10 January 2024

The 1960s has never lost its hold on America, nor has the argument about when the decade actually started. It has primarily been defined by five very...

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02 November 2023

I grew up in a church-going family. In fact, for my entire life we either lived next door or one street over from Hilltop United Methodist Church. In 1976,...

Burning bus
01 October 2023

In 1946 the Supreme Court ruled in Morgan v. Virginia that segregated travel on interstate buses was unconstitutional, thus sending the separate-but-...

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21 July 2023

Ah, for those halcyon days when the president of the United States was an intellectual and a serious reader. And he can sing, too!

In Grace,...

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27 June 2023

I have always been interested in religion and its role in American society. My five siblings and I grew up in a religious household. Up until the time I was...