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Map with states highlighted that legalized marijuana
04 January 2017

I recently stopped by a smoke shop on North High Street to visit a friend. From floor to ceiling, colorful glass pipes – small and large – graced expansive...

Trump, Ryan and Pence at a table looking at each other with flags in the back
14 December 2016

Dear members of the Electoral College, 

You have a momentous decision in front of you. That your upcoming vote for the President of the United States...

A young man and an older man
24 October 2016

What a year it has been for marijuana policy in Ohio – so far. The stunning defeat of Issue 3 at the ballot box last year framed the citizen-led initiative...

Marijuana plant
30 August 2016

If you’re an Ohio medical marijuana aficionado, you know about HB 523. After 20 years of intransigence, the Ohio General Assembly has passed its first pro-...

Black and white dog's face
24 August 2016

They called her the luckiest dog in the world, or so read the ad for an adorable puppy who had just been rescued from a kill shelter in Athens County and...

Marijuana leaf
19 April 2016

I was asked to write an article about “420.” Apropos, I guess, considering my name. So I began conceptualizing the piece. Perhaps a few interesting...