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Marijuana leaf
19 April 2016

I was asked to write an article about “420.” Apropos, I guess, considering my name. So I began conceptualizing the piece. Perhaps a few interesting...

Legalize Ohio logo
01 March 2016

Since my last article, a mere four months ago, I was lamenting Responsible Ohio’s crash and burn 66-34% defeat on Election Night 2015. Good grief! After a...

John Husted as the grinch holding a marijuana tree
09 December 2015

The morning after Election Day 2015, I woke up suddenly. My mind was racing, “This isn’t right. This isn’t right. Something’s not right.” As an...

Hand holding marijuana plant
27 October 2015

What does Issue 3 say?
  It is understandable that people want concrete answers concerning what will happen if Issue 3 passes. To help...

Illustration Cannabis sativa clean" by Prof. Dr. Otto Wilhelm Thomé
03 July 2015

Cannabis is like our friend the dog. Seriously. It can be bred to produce a variety of species that appear to be quite different from one another...

29 April 2015

I was having a debate with my friend the other day. He cried hoax – April Fool’s! I said brave new world. So, which is it? Is genetically modified...