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13 August 2021

New bill, new ballot measure, new federal legislation. Signature “time machine” and Sativex for Brain Cancer? Welcome to selected bites of fresh cannabis...

07 July 2021

 Mary Jane’s Guide: CannaNews You Can Use – War on Drugs – July 2021


Selected bites of fresh cannabis news sliced from the...

01 June 2021

Selected bites of cannabis news sliced from the headlines, with a legislative flavor and sweet Ohio twist. Sources are linked.

Editor’s Note...

Happy 4/20
19 April 2021

April 20, 2021

Happy 420! Lamenting last year’s largely cancelled “4:20 on 4/20/2020.“ Here are selected bites of fresh cannabis news sliced from the...

23 March 2021

Fresh from the headlines: short, noteworthy developments in the cannabis world with an Ohio point of view. All sources are linked:

The Feds...

Picture with words on it
03 February 2021

It seems so long ago. Another era. Another time. The economy was in crisis. The U.S. was immersed in two foreign wars. Activism was at a crossroads. The...