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26 July 2023

UPDATES: Issue 1 – RMLA – Courage in Cannabis launch

Several months have passed since the Ohio General Assembly decided to force its absolute...

18 April 2023

The Waldos, the 1970s, Lobby Day, Adult Use

Happy 4/20 or 420, as it is known!! The famed cannaholiday is upon us once again! It’s been over 50...

02 December 2022

Drum roll please … within approximately one month, cannabis will … or should  … take center stage at the Ohio Statehouse. That is when the General Assembly...

17 October 2022

In case you haven’t noticed, there is an election being held in November – November 8th to be exact – and you must participate if eligible....

11 September 2022

What it is. What it does. What happened to it. Is there hope for it?

Cannabis in Ohio has suddenly gone quiet. For a time, the...