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20 May 2007

It's a wrap! My new film, "Sicko," is all done and will have its world premiere this Saturday night at the Cannes Film Festival. As with...
22 January 2007
Dear Mr. President,

Thanks for your address to the nation. It's good to know you still want to talk to us after how we behaved in November....
08 January 2004
Dear Friends,

I’ve been thinking a lot about our kids who are in the armed forces serving in Iraq. I’ve received hundreds of letters from...
23 May 2003
April 7, 2003

Dear friends,

It appears that the Bush administra- tion will have succeeded in coloniz ing Iraq sometime in the...
17 March 2003
George W. Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC

Dear Governor Bush:

So today is what you call "the moment of truth...