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Man hugging woman while both laughing
14 July 2024

At the beginning of Conversion, a man tells the story of his first love—and first loss.

At 15, he had a boyfriend whose parents had put him...

People walking in the woods
02 July 2024

The life of a migrant is an unending battle for survival.   

That was the message delivered by 2023’s Io Capitano, the story of two...

Two little boys praying
31 May 2024

Kidnapped: The Abduction of Edgardo Mortara relates the true story of a young Jewish boy who was taken from his parents so he could be converted to...

Cartoon people standing outside a movie theater
22 May 2024

There have been many documentaries about Holocaust survivors. Queen of the Deuce is likely the only one about a survivor who went on to make her...

People performing
10 February 2022

Sometimes you need a reminder that human beings are capable of kindness. Come From Away—a touring production of which is now playing Columbus’s...

Woman talking into mic
24 December 2021

On Sunday, Dec. 5, dozens of theater lovers gathered at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s Africa Event Center to hear about the strange...