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08 May 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- The U.S. government's media and a Dalai
Lama-supported campaign to liberate Tibetan political prisoners have

04 May 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- King "Maha" Vajiralongkorn crowns himself monarch
on Saturday (May 4) during a three-day multimillion-dollar coronation

21 April 2019



BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's army chief has warned a state of emergency will be declared if post-election violence degenerates into "...

20 April 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A U.S. retired defense contractor with wartime
experience in Iraq and Afghanistan was on the run April 19 with his

27 March 2019

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Coup-leader Prayuth Chan-ocha expects his
impressive wins in elections on March 24 will extend his prime
ministry, but...

22 March 2019
BANGKOK, Thailand -- After nearly five years of junta rule, a bitter
election on March 24 pits pro-democracy "scum of the earth" against