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10 March 2021

“The United States of America has open wounds.”

Ever since its founding, the United States has been attempting to build a society around those wounds...

03 March 2021

“For Washington, it seems that whatever the problem is, the answer is bombing.”

So wrote ...

24 February 2021

The cornerstone of every social structure is its belief system, and those who control and benefit the most from the system have one primary job: Keep its...

17 February 2021

Pardon me while I break the fourth wall.

I’m in the human stew right now, you might say: drowning in politics, technology, the weather and my own...

10 February 2021

Imagine a “USA!” that has truly outgrown – transcended – racism. Would it still have a Republican Party?

One recent and shocking – but hardly...

03 February 2021

“It is long past time for . . . a sea change in the United States’ approach to national and human security . . .”

Yes, yes, yes. These words cut to...