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19 August 2020

“There’s something happening here/What it is ain't exactly clear . . .”

Or is it?

Day one of the Democratic National (virtual) Convention. ...

14 August 2020

“They were covered with blood and burned and blackened and swollen, and the flesh was hanging from the bones. Parts of their bodies were missing, and some...

05 August 2020

As election 2020 draws ever closer, the flawed, easily gamed nature of the American quasi-democracy becomes increasingly visible, thanks, of course to...

24 July 2020

Here’s a quietly unsettling moment from the current cries for change churning across the nation:

A teenage girl is at a grocery store in the small...

16 July 2020

“There are so many . . . primitive tribes — they don’t understand anything.”

The global movement to end racism must turn its attention to the world’s...

09 July 2020

Change. Now.

I get that, and understand the symbolism of packed heat. A gun says: We mean business. But that symbolism stops as soon as the trigger...