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Chart showing exit polls are out of the margin of error
07 December 2016

The article is contained in the attached PDF document. 

14 November 2006
The percentage of uncounted votes in the allegedly "fraud free" 2006 Ohio election is actually higher than the fraud-ridden 2004 election, when the presidency...
26 October 2006
The following is a pdf of Ron Baiman's presentation at the We Count Conference in Cleveland, Ohio from September 30, 2006.

18 June 2006
In a previous posts (see: ), I’ve claimed that the official returns for third party and...
14 June 2006
In a previous post (see: �Something Smells Fishy in San Diego�, June 10 post on ), I...
11 June 2006
Unless San Diego is a veritable “hot bed” of third party and independent candidate activism (something that I wasn’t aware of), I find it hard to understand...