Bill Maher recently asked: Are RFK Jr.'s vax positions "that unreasonable?" Image is screenshot from Bill Maher website.

Robert Kennedy Jr.s quote on the vaccine issue is this. “I am not and have never been anti-vaccine. I’ve always said that I’m for safe vaccines and robust science and for regulatory agencies that are free from conflicts of interest and financial entanglements with the pharmaceutical industry.”

The relentless attacks on Robert F. Kennedy from legacy media go beyond his views on vaccines, but vaccinations are home based for the attacks. Kennedy is attacking the vaccine cartel and has been effectively branded. Fortunately Bill Maher, Joe Rogan and many others have given him a voice.

Some people still challenge him on his views regarding the assassination of his Uncle John F. Kennedy (1963) and his father Robert Kennedy (1968) at the hands of the National Security State. The evidence for the fact that both assassinations were well planned events, not lone nut murders, is overwhelming. The facts supporting this view are backed up by every release of evidence over 60 years. For those who have avoiding learning those facts, RFK Jr's comments should be enough to create some interest. For this author, that will have to be a subject for a separate article.

RFK Jr. is being attacked for his work questioning childhood vaccines going back many years. Because of his advocacy for vaccine safety, thimerosal (mercury) is rarely used as a preservative, making vaccines safer, although it is still used in some flu shots. He tells a story about how he got involved in this, which is worth listening to. The story is this. Several women near his home would come to every talk he gave on the environment, mostly revolving around his work with Waterkeeper Alliance to clean up the Hudson river. He describes them as polite and respectful, and they would wait until his talk was over to try to inform him about vaccine injuries. All the women had children who were healthy until vaccine injury, and now were suffering from autism or spectrum-like injury. One day, one of the women (author Sarah Bridges) knocked on his door with a stack of documents. He invited her in, and she asked him to read them. I suspect he felt like I did when my brother insisted I read Kennedy's book on Anthony Fauci. Kennedy (and I) did not want to go there, but felt a sense of obligation. The subject was not too hot to handle, not for Bobby Kennedy Jr.

When his detractors say that it is proven that vaccines do not cause autism, one might ask, then what does? Because the rates of autism spiked in 1989 according to our government, when infants were given more vaccines at younger ages. But it is not just autism that is at issue. There was also a spike in autoimmune diseases, as well as allergies and celiac diseases such as gluten allergies. Listen to him tell the story 53 minutes into his announcement speech. Kennedy is well aware of all the other possible factors and the need to study these issues.

RFK Jr. claims that the pharmaceutical industry has taken over the governmental agencies intended to protect the public, including the FDA, CDC, and WHO. I believe that most readers will agree with this as we have witnessed the revolving door between industry and government in every aspect of our lives for most of our adult lives. Therefore, I will not attempt to prove this point as it should be understood. He discusses this at 51 minutes into his announcement speech.

In my first attempt to quantify the autism issue, I found this: Rates of autism in America are 603 per 100K, in the Congo 398 per 100K, and in Thailand 291. Children were aggressive targeted for vaccinations in that general time frame by industry. Here is the frightening easy to read chart of vaccine schedules for infants for Americans. Then I searched autoimmune diseases by county and found that the rate in the USA is 7%, in Japan 2%, and Brazil 3%. As Kennedy points out, no one his age (or mine) heard of peanut and wheat based (gluten) allergies when we were growing up. Importantly, he points out that this is how vaccines work. Vaccines intentionally cause the body's immune response in order for it to recognize an invader and fight it off. There can be no scientific doubt that vaccines could cause long term allergies given the mechanism of action.

Kennedy, when given time, will say that other factors could be at play. The FDA authorized use of high fructose corn syrup in 1993, although it had been in use previous to government approval. It's use was challenged, and industry won the challenge. Americans are exposed to thousands of chemicals due to the capture of regulatory agencies. These industries also work to legitimize use in other countries, but face a more determined resistance.

My point here is not to determine that RFK is correct, and the governmental agencies backed by legacy media are wrong. My point here is to suggest that there is certainly room for debate. As I claimed in a previous article, RFK Jr. is courageous in not dodging the question (pivoting, in candidate speak) but rather will explain his position head on. (55 minutes into Maher/Kennedy interview)

Regarding the Covid response, listen to him explain vaccine protocols. At 7:47 in this video he explains what his reaction to the next pandemic will be. As a pharmacist, I have given thousands of vaccines, believing them safe, as well as being uninterested in studying the subject. For purposes of this, I will state that the first round of vaccines were necessary. RFK Jr. would support vaccines but not vaccine requirements. When we look back historically, it went from being our saving grace to being discontinued in favor of the “booster.” Now the original is no longer made, in favor of the booster. So what do we know and what did we learn?

Early on we learned that being vaccinated does not prevent a person from spreading the disease. We also learned that immunity wanes quickly, thus the need for booster. Both of these factors make the Covid vaccine, and maybe mRNA vaccines in general, less than ideal. We know that liberals like myself thought that low rates of vaccination in red states would result in more deaths in those states, but that did not occur in a measurable way. Additionally, the Amish population does not vaccinate and was affected by but not decimated by Covid. African countries also have low vaccination rates, and have not been devastated . Clearly, when considering a response to the next pandemic, the need for a lockdown is questionable.

We know that there is a population of elderly people and immunocompromised who do need vaccine protection. We also know that children do not need to be vaccinated, a proposition disputed by some but seems to be a difficult proposition to defend. How do we feel about closing schools next time? We now know that our government worked to silence vaccine injured people by controlling social media through the twitter files. We know that current recommendations for further Covid vaccines vary widely as the need for vaccines depends on many factors. To be vaccinated or not should be a decision between the patient and the doctor.

Consider the next pandemic. For those who still disagree with RFK Jr.'s comments, ask yourself. Do you want to shut down the country for the next pandemic? The solution to the next one is explained by RFK Jr. here at 7.47. Are you just as likely to want the next mRNA vaccine, or will you reserve judgment? If the government wanted to close down parks and other outdoor activities due to a similar pandemic, will you agree? Should schools be closed when children are clearly not highly vulnerable? For these reasons, might you listen to his announcement for President of the United States.

Readers are aware of the reaction of the establishment to his candidacy. Does this feel right? Or does it make you curious? Does it remind you of anything? Weapons of Mass Destruction is just one example.

Robert F Kennedy Jr. is definitely and strongly anti-Pharmaceutical industry. That industry has painted the antivax label onto his forehead. He has not backed off his beliefs because it would be politically expedient. He is not a woke liberal but he does have the ability to talk to all Americans. His candidacy challenges other super powerful industries in addition to the Pharmaceutical industry. He is challenging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the department of transportation. At the top of that list is the most powerful organization ever created, the Military Industrial Complex. As I have written previously, the word that applies is courage.