Christina C. (aka DJ ORORO) spins Funky/Disco/Soulful/Deep House. DJ Ororo is one of four people who, along with all their house heads, form ReStart, which they do at a lovely little spot called Brothers Drake. It's located at 26th E. 5th St. They are there the second and fourth Monday of every month. Brothers Drake has the best mead in the city, has awesome people to hang with, it's free and most of all....they have great DJ's and great House Music. And her DJ name? She collects X-men comics and Storm is her favorite character – her name in them is Ororo. 1) Put together your fantasy band - it can contain any musicians dead or alive: My fantasy band includes Marvin Gaye on vocals, Prince on vocals and every instrument known to man and Sade on vocals with Sweetback as the house band. 2) Tell us about the most exciting musical concert/event you ever attended: Best Show I've been to? Seeing Ghost Face, The Roots and George Clinton was one of the best shows I have been to. The George Clinton show was awesome, made more special by the fact that I went with my mother. 3) What is the best (or most important) thing about the music scene in central Ohio: The best and most important thing is that we have a scene at all, because there are some areas around Ohio that don't have a place to just get their groove on and you need to do this, I say, at least every other week. ReStart at Brothers Drake every second & fourth Monday at 9pm-1am. Some other cities used to have a really good music scene, but the support wasn't there to keep them going. I along with my my friends, who are also DJ's, Dingo8, CutCulprit & Sparrow, do a night called ReStart, and we're very fortunate to have people who really love the music we spin and support our night. And it's because of the love that ReStart has lasted as long as we have. And Columbus people are really good about coming out to support the music they love, and this covers everything from rock to underground hiphop to EDM. House music just moves me and that feeling should be shared, best in a group setting. Also, SUPPORT YOUR WAX DJ's! 4) What's the most important issue (political or otherwise) facing central Ohio today: Like most cities in the US, the job situation could be a lot better. I do think that one thing that could improve this is a better transit system. I say this because there are a lot of people, like myself, who for some reason or another don't drive, and that makes it very hard to look for a job that you can get to, it restricts where you can look for a job, or to hold on to one if you're lucky enough to get one. One of the things that I love about being stationed in Germany while I was in the Army, was the fact the bus and train system ran 24 hours and ran through the whole city and the country and into other countries. Do you know what it would do for city of Columbus if you could take a quick train ride across town by just taking a quick train ride around to I-270 (or whatever that highway that circles Columbus is called). How cool would it be if you found a job on the other side of town and you didn't have to worry about the fact that you don't have a car to get there or that the job you're offered is first shift and you didn't have to wonder if the bus you need to catch even runs at that early in the morning. Think about how much the city would gain in jobs and revenue by improving and expanding the transit system. Why is it that having a better transit system gets shut down every time someone brings it to the table? The people put in office will put up "Big Money" for "Big City NY Lights" downtown, so you'd think they could gather money for a nice transit system that not only circled the city, but extend it to our sister cities as well. 5) What inspired you to become a DJ? I joined the Army after high school in ‘92 and was stationed in Germany. I first discovered house music in the local clubs around town and instantly fell in love. The experience made a big impression on me, so big that when I returned to America and found DJs playing less and less of the style I liked, a friend suggested I pick up some tables and just start DJing. I bought some tables (shout out to Doughboy) and started spinning the music I liked, myself.

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