Following is my response to an average American, of average intelligence and gullibility, who is also a brain-washed “true believer” in Big Pharma’s propagandistic “Big Lie” (that the pharmaceutical/vaccine industry’s obvious over-vaccination agenda is safe or even effective in preventing so-called childhood “vaccine-preventable infectious diseases”. Below is an email message that I received awhile ago - and my response to it (October 2018):


Hi Gary,


As for the alarmist anti vaccination rhetoric expressed in this and other emails you've sent warning people of the dangers of vaccinations of seemingly all types, I wonder how you discount the success of the vaccines that reduced so many formerly fatal childhood diseases and others like polio. 


People who've accepted "information" such as is expressed here have gotten these preventable diseases because they've refused vaccinations for their children.  The more people who refuse vaccinations the more likely they are to contract the formerly preventable diseases and bring back the threat of another wider spread problem.


You seem to have access to information that I'm not aware of.  I'm doubtful of the veracity of this information based on the results that have been achieved by the universal vaccinations in the past and present.  If people aren't vaccinated they're much more likely to contract diseases than if they are.  You haven't accounted for how many diseases have been wiped out through vaccinations.


I'm not convinced. I don't doubt that drug manufacturers are capable of misrepresenting their products, but the drugs that have reduced terrible health problems over the past 50 years or so have proven to be effective for millions of people world-wide. Scare tactics such as these will only make people become victims of preventable illnesses.


So, don't send me any more of these far-out anti-vaccination emails.




Dear friend: you and I (and almost all of the rest of the "free world") were both thoroughly indoctrinated by the for-profit vaccine industry and the for-profit medical profession (of which I was a part, with my indoctrination starting in med school). We both saw no reason not to believe the now-disproven myths that it was vaccines - and not the vast improvements in nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, refrigeration, public health, over-crowding, better usage of quarantine procedures, etc. It was those factors - and not the vaccines - that resulted in the developed world’s over-coming most of the infectious diseases for which vaccines were instituted – only after the dramatic declines in the incidence and death rates of what the industry wants everybody to think are the “vaccine-preventable” infectious diseases.


In actuality, it has been estimated by objective observers that vaccines have actually only accounted for 3+% of the improvements noted above - and 97% of the decrease in deaths and incidence should be credited to the list of public health measures in the paragraph above. Of course, the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industries want the take credit for all of the improvements – and their success in that lie turned out to have been very good for the profit-margins of Big Medicine and Big Pharma/Big Vaccine, not mention Big Media (which gets 70% of its income from pharmaceutical industry advertising – except in political campaign seasons).


You (and the rest of the developed world, especially the pediatrics profession) need to read the definitive book on the subject - a book that has been black-listed by pharmaceutical and medical industry propagandists - with the loyal help of the mainstream media. The book is called "Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History".


Dissolving Illusionswas co-authored by Dr Suzanne Humphries, who was a practicing board-certified nephrologist when three previously healthy adults came through her hospital ER and admitted to her service with acute renal failure. Each one had been well but become acutely ill shortly after receiving a mercury-containing influenza vaccination. Each one knew for certain that it was the vaccine that had sickened them. Each of the three required dialysis. One required a kidney transplant, one died of the vaccine-induced renal failure and the third one eventually recovered with his mercury-poisoned kidneys intact. Dr Humphries tells the story on her YouTube video lectures.


Because Dr Humphries' blindered medical colleagues ostracized her for believing what for them was a taboo subject: that vaccines can do harm. Naturally, Dr Humphries, altruistically putting her patients first even if big toes were going to be stepped on, felt that she had to act upon her patients' testimonies. Nobody at that hospital wanted to admit that the three patients had been the victim of an iatrogenic disorder [iatrogenic = doctor-, drug-, vaccine- or treatment-caused]. Dr Humphries’ precise diagnosis resulted in her become an outcast by her vehemently pro-vaccine colleagues, and she felt compelled to quit practicing medicine in order for her to properly research the history of vaccines, the theories, the massive errors, the real vaccine science, the corporate vaccine pseudoscience and the co-optation of vaccinology by Big Pharma interests.


Please read the book before continuing to doubt what I have been writing about and carefully documenting. (Warning: if you do read Dr Humphries’ book, you will soon come to realize how simplistic are the arguments made by everybody that you have been paying attention to in this area.) Here is Dr Humphries' website, which should suffice until you can obtain a copy of her book:


One of the most impressive and convincing parts of Dissolving Illusions are the many graphs that show how the mortality rates of many of the supposed "vaccine-preventable" diseases had approached zero well in advance of the public health and Big Pharma efforts to sell as many vaccines as possible. A couple of them are posted at the end of my response. Many more are available online at:


The online graphs will illustrate the virtual disappearances of many so-called ”vaccine preventable” diseases, and that the improvements happened well before mass vaccinations began. Especially impressive is the vast improvement in the mortality of such infectious diseases as diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, German measles, mumps and scarlet fever. All those improvements happened well before the introduction of mass vaccination programs.


Significantly, note that a vaccine for scarlet fever was never developed, and yet the incidence and mortality of that disease dropped to near zero, just like the other diseases for which vaccines were eventually developed!


In other words, your opinions (sadly shared by the vast majority of the American population) have been shaped by misleading information from various corporate “hidden persuaders” like the multitude of Big Pharma and Big Vaccine corporations that have been diabolically successful in shaping the beliefs of most academic physicians, pediatricians, nurses, nurse practitioners, family physicians, public health officials and, of course, parents.


I admit that I was once one of the many healthcare practitioners who mindlessly complied with the mandated vaccine schedules that came from the now-discredited pro-over-vaccination institutions like CDC, FDA, AMA, AAP, AAFP, etc. Major portions of the incomes of pediatric and family practice clinics still come from the routine “well-baby” visits which always involve the obligatory inoculations with expensive cocktails of neurotoxic vaccines. Whereas our era of medicine only had a small handful of vaccines available, none of which had to be “boosted” periodically, today’s unfortunate children get 72 inoculations by the time they reach the age of 18 – if they reach the age of 18 neurologically intact, that is. And half of those vaccines are injected by the time babies are 18 months old, 8 or 9 of them injected simultaneously at 2, 4 and 6 months of age when they are the most immature immunologically!


<<<Mercury/Aluminum/Live Virus-Associated Encephalitis >>>


The large number of vaccine cocktails (that you and I were fortunate to not receive decades ago) have never been tested for safety or efficacy if they are administered simultaneously – even in the guinea pig labs. Each vaccine contains neurotoxic ingredients, including mercury, aluminum and/or live viruses. Those ingredients are fully capable of causing encephalitis (brain inflammation or infection).


Encephalitis of any cause is a serious neurological problem, especially when it occurs at an early age when the brain is still developing. When the brain is traumatized or infected or inflamed or poisoned early in life, any number of disabling syndromes can develop, and most of them have overlapping features that make a proper diagnosis a real problem (see examples of some of them below).


Vaccine-induced encephalitis in infants is rarely recognized much less diagnosed by pediatricians, even when parents list the classic symptoms: fever, headache, projectile vomiting, persistent crying, high-pitched screaming (the “cri encephalique”), seizures, somnolence shock, unresponsiveness, excessive sleeping, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), near-SIDS and, later, symptoms compatible with post-encephalitic autism spectrum, learning, behavioral, mental health or developmental disorders.


Such signs and symptoms of post-vaccine encephalitis are commonly mis-diagnosed by physicians as just a “normal adverse reaction”, and the justifiably worried and confused and disgusted parents are often sent home to struggle with their sickened baby.


<<< Infants are Normally Immunocompromised and Also Have Immature Blood-Brain Barriers>>>


All infants are born immunocompromised, and they also have very slowly maturing - but still very immature - blood-brain-barriers (BBB) for most of their infancy. The BBB is designed to keep large molecules (such as proteins, fats, viruses, bacteria and also foreign synthetic molecules away from the highly vulnerable brain.


An immature or damaged BBB in any animal will more easily allow toxic or infectious substances of many types to enter the sacrosanct cerebrospinal fluid (CSF, which bathes and nourishes the brain) that is on the other side of the BBB.


And so, in immature infants, the prime targets of vaccines in the first 6 months of life, the afore-mentioned vaccine toxins will more easily cross over the BBB and enter into the CSF. Vaccines as you know, are supposed to be injected into muscle tissue, a highly vascular organ whose capillaries drain directly into the circulatory system that is pumped around the body by the heart. Substances in the blood, both toxic and nourishing, eventually are presented to the BBB.


When any foreign body enters muscle tissue (via a contaminated puncture wound or by a sterile vaccination needle), the body’s white blood cells rush to attack and engulf the foreign bodies and also develop immune complexes against the material, thus beginning the immunization process. The most solid vaccine material (that is swallowed whole by the body’s lymphocytes) is the finely-particulate aluminum adjuvant and the adherent proteinaceous material (viruses, bacterial fragments, DNA, RNA, contaminants and/or other substances).


Aluminum adjuvants are added to the vaccine to hyper-stimulate the immune process. Unfortunately, aluminum also can over-stimulates the immune process so that autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus of childhood, allergies, asthma, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, rheumatoid disorders, lupus, thrombocytopenia, autoimmune hemolytic anemia and scores of other vaccine-induced autoimmune disorders, all of which are escalating in incidence in lock-step with the large number of vaccines that are being injected into infants and children.


The body’s white blood cells are fully capable of squeezing through the intracellular junctions of any healthy, mature BBB so that even in normal circumstances the ingested antigenic material can enter into the cerebrospinal fluid. On the other hand, dissolved foreign substances in the serum are miraculously kept out of the CSF unless the BBB is diseased or immature. So how toxic are vaccine ingredients depends on many variables.


Encephalopathy (“brain disease”) of any kind can be lethal (as in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome [SIDS]). It can also be sublethal, as in near-SIDS, seizure disorder and the later-developing developmental, behavioral, mental health or personality disorders (which includes autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, “conduct disorder” and even the many so-called “mental disorders of unknown cause”). And it must be noted that the first of a series of vaccines can asymptomatically “sensitize” the immune system and the next shot in the series may seriously sicken the patient, either by toxification or the development of an autoimmune disorder.


<<<The Scandal of Injecting Newborn Babies with the Hepatitis B Vaccines>>>


A reality that many parents are not even aware of is the fact that most hospitals, often without parental permission or even without being given any information about the potential adverse effects of the vaccine, inject into the tiny muscles of every newborn infant a dose of aluminum-containing Hepatitis B DNA! There is no scientific rationale for mandating Hepatitis B vaccinations for American infants at birth. For starters, the pre-clinical study that was done to justify the use of hepatitis B vaccines for Americans was done in southeast Asia where hepatitis B is endemic. (Hepatitis B is rare in America.)


The Big Pharma duo that had done the research on the vaccine, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline, knowing how much money can be made in the US vaccine market, easily got marketing approval from the FDA. Then they got their friendly and cooperative regulatory agency (the CDC) to mandate its use on ”high-risk for hepatitis B”  adult patients (mainly intravenous drug users and adults that were sexually promiscuous). When the attempts to get at-risk adults to cooperate in a mass public health campaign failed miserably, the CDC simply added the vaccines to the mandated  infant schedule, starting at birth - in the newborn nursery - where parents wouldn’t notice.


So “killing two birds with one stone”, the cozy Big Pharma partners of the CDC, the FDA and the AAP: Merck (who makes Engerix-B) and GlaxoSmithKline (who makes Recombivax HB) easily recouped their investments in their otherwise money-losing vaccines by mandating that American infants, at zero risk for ever developing hepatitis B, receive a series of 3 shots by age 6 months - starting at birth!!


In other words, America’s newborn babies that are at zero risk for hepatitis B are being regularly injected with a potentially toxic vaccine from which they will get no benefit and are being placed at risk of being sickened with any or all the potential toxicities that come with the vaccine’s ingredients. Public health programs and pediatric clinics are blissfully unaware of the politics and economics behind this outrage, and they are perpetuating the scandal by not courageously refusing to go along with the CDC and AAP mandates.


There are many vaccine-induced neurological disorders that Merck and Glaxo both admit have occurred in their Hepatitis B vaccine safety and efficacy trials. They have actually published the potential vaccine-induced disorders in every product handout which physicians are supposed to inform patients about. The list includes such devastating diseases as multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, seizures, peripheral neuropathy, Bell’s palsy, radiculopathy, encephalitis, anaphylaxis, herpes zoster, optic neuritis, visual impairment, hearing disorders, etc.


Alarmingly – and shamefully - when these previously well babies become ill from the toxic ingredients in the vaccines, most physicians, physician’s assistants and nurses will not recognize the fact that these are iatrogenic, vaccine-induced disorders. Most parents of vaccine-injured children know full-well when their children have been harmed by vaccines, but their concerns are often cavalierly brushed off by the clinic – even to the point of being fired from receiving further care from that facility. And then, not surprisingly, after suffering the humiliation of being treated so shabbily, many of these aware parents become vaccine-skeptic-activists (derogatorily-labeled “anti-vaxxers” in the mainstream media),


The common syndromes of vaccine-induced Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, Asthma, Allergies, ASIA, etc (those are just the “A’s”) have now become epidemic in parallel with the increased numbers of intramuscularly-injected vaccines that contain mercury, aluminum, live viruses and other toxins, most of which would have been easily excreted if taken orally rather than intramuscularly.


Many of Suzanne Humphries’ lectures can be viewed on YouTube (although Google has deleted some of them). View one of her YouTube lectures at:


After studying the real history and science and corrupted pseudoscience concerning vaccines, I hope you will be motivated to consider helping in spreading the word.


In the meantime, I will keep you on my current e-list. Thanks for your honest response to my emails. Gary


PS: See the attachments below for more information that should shake your trust in the blindly pro-over-vaccinating CDC, FDA, AAP, AMA, AAFP, etc, etc.



Image result for Dissolving Illusions charts


Measles death rates per 100,000 US population. The measles vaccine was only introduced in the US in 1963, when the death rates had already reached near-zero for decades.


Image result for Dissolving Illusions charts

Whooping cough deaths rates in the US per 100,000 population. Note that the rates were near zero by the time a vaccine was introduced.


Related image

Mortality rates per 100,000 population for 7 infectious diseases from 1900 to 1965. The prominent spike represented the 1918 influenza pandemic. Note that the mortality rates for every disease on the graph were already approaching zero before any public vaccination efforts were started in the 1950s, including scarlet fever (for which there had never been a vaccine) and for tuberculosis, influenza and pneumonia, for which no vaccines had been developed in that era.

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                Image result for Suzanne Humphries images




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