09 January 2009
Bob Fitrakis discusses the facts behind the Columbus Dispatch's misleading journalistic angle, the one concerning the so-called election reform bill, which was vetoed by Ohio governor, Ted Strickland.

23 December 2008
Two recent events have prompted the ideas behind this article – in truth, the whole history of recent events have prompted the following comments, but it is two in particular that gave the push to write them down.

The first...
04 October 2008
During the recent presidential debate (9/26/08), moderator Jim Lehrer presented the following as one of his lead questions:

Are you willing to acknowledge, both of you, that this financial crisis is going to affect the way you...
01 July 2008
Both George Bush and Dick Cheney have emphatically proclaimed the American Way of Life as “non-negotiable.” As hard as it may be for the feeble-minded, deluded, conscienceless, or hopelessly addicted to grasp, Mother Nature and billions of...
28 May 2008
For the past several months I have been receiving TIME magazine. The subscription originally started as a gift from someone unknown, with my last name spelled wrong, lasted for a year. When it came up for renewal, I stalled until the...
22 February 2008
Dear Bill,

This is a note from an American radical.

We are few in number, but we do exist.

Time and again we’ve watched you bully your victims (or “guests” as you duplicitously refer to them) from your secure little...


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