12 November 1999
        When thousands of protesters converge on Seattle at the end of this month to challenge the global summit of the World Trade Organization, they're unlikely to get a fair hearing from America's mass media.

        Consider how...

03 November 1999
Nabbed for speeding in my 1964 Newport station wagon ("I didn't think this old wreck would go that fast," the Highway Patrol officer said sarcastically as he wrote me up), I opted for traffic school.

Under California law, you can thus...

29 October 1999

        A specter is haunting America -- the specter of populism.

        Now that Patrick Buchanan has left the Republican fold to seek the Reform Party's presidential nomination, a lot of journalists will be analyzing his...

29 October 1999
        With the start of 2000 less than two months away, I've been thinking about a beloved American writer who stuck his neck out the last time people went through a change of centuries.

        We revere Mark Twain as a superb...

14 October 1999
There hasn't been a good row about art since Washington went berserk over "The West as America" at the Smithsonian in 1991. That was a fight about history.

The comment books were chock-full of spirited exchanges about art and its...

13 October 1999
From the typographical clamor raised in the New York Daily News, you'd have thought New York Press columnist George Szamuely had been caught committing satanic abuse in a day-care center. But it tured out that Szamuely's great crime...


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