06 October 2000
Everywhere we turn, new technologies for communication have us surrounded. The online sensations of just a few years ago are now ancient cyber-history, and the process continues to accelerate. The computer on most desks seemed to be...
05 October 2000
"I've named four Supreme Court judges in the state of Texas, and I would ask the people to check out their qualifications, their deliberations. ... I've had a record of appointing judges in the state of Texas. That's what a governor...
03 October 2000
AUSTIN, Texas -- Excuse me, but something seems to be slipping into obscurity with no media comment whatever, and as Arthur Miller wrote in "Death of a Salesman," "Attention must be paid."

The event was a modest announcement by the...

01 October 2000
SAN RAFAEL, Calif. -- Watching George W. Bush's post-debate strategy emerge was interesting. Watching it flower into perfection within days was fascinating.

To go back a mere week, Veep Al Gore won the debate on points, but the...

01 October 2000

The 30 Free Press “Libby” Award winners

It takes a radical activist community to raise a newspaper. While most of its underground predecessors are moldering in the grave, the Freep proudly lives on....

29 September 2000
Eager to oust Slobodan Milosevic from power, the U.S. government has funneled millions of dollars to media projects in Yugoslavia. A lot of hypocrisy is involved. And we might wish for some kind of reciprocity.

"Charges of...


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