22 August 2000
AUSTIN, Texas -- Humanizing Al Gore is the topic du jour, so let me contribute my mite.

In the summer of '92, the Clintons and Gores were on a bus trip in East Texas having a whale of time. As they rolled through the small towns, when...

20 August 2000
AUSTIN, Texas -- Yup, Al Gore wrote his own speech, all right. Don't you love the instant cliches? "He did what he had to do."

The conventional wisdom decided not to be knocked out of the park by it (mandatory cliche) but agreed that...

17 August 2000
LOS ANGELES -- On the televised surface, the Democratic National Convention exuded plenty of sweetness and generosity. One speaker after another explained that America's working people have a wondrous friend in a party that is committed to...
15 August 2000
AUSTIN, Texas -- I'm not a weapons expert, and you're not a weapons expert, so how are we supposed to know whether the National Missile Defense system is a good idea?

Even if you've read enough about it to be skeptical, there are real...

13 August 2000
AUSTIN, Texas -- Seems like half of Texas is busy manning the pumps on both sides of the state's reputation.

The Bushies keep trying to prevent the foreign press from portraying us as a place where retarded people are promiscuously...

11 August 2000

The Striking CWA Workers and their Student Allies

The clash between the increasingly corporatized and Republican-dominated OSU administration and the underpaid Communication Workers of America OSU...


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