21 December 2000
AUSTIN, Texas -- Procrastinators of the world, unite! Be it resolved that we will be found from now until quite late on Christmas Eve solving all our Christmas shopping problems at the best one-stop shop in town, the bookstore --...
19 December 2000
AUSTIN -- All right, we've got W. off to Washington at long last, and here we are, stuck with Gov. Rick Perry.

I realize President-elect Bush is pushing the unlikely notion that what the nation needs is for Congress to become more...

17 December 2000
TALLAHASSEE, FLA. -- Memo To Democrats Only:

Nikolaevich Tolstoy once wrote a short story titled "God Sees the Truth, But Waits."

I suggest we nurse this grudge very carefully.

It is clear to me, as an admittedly...

17 December 2000
Is the next presidency going to be legitimate?

This question now hovers over George W. Bush. Made possible by a bare majority of the U.S. Supreme Court, his triumph is lawful -- but many Americans see it as illegitimate....

15 December 2000
AUSTIN, Texas -- Hard to know what to do about the Middle East, although indicting Ariel Sharon for treason might be useful. And listening to presidential debates just makes one want to sigh. Al Gore: There are 1.4 million children in...
08 December 2000
One of the great paradoxes of modern journalism is that unusual and extraordinary events seem to be the most newsworthy -- but in the long run, key realities of our lives are shaped by what's usual and ordinary.

The news...


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