28 June 2022

GREE-GREE #100 begins with the great ANDREA MILLER of Center for Common Ground telling us how grassroots organizing and Democracy Centers can make a real difference, and could decide the 2022 election.

She’s joined by STEVE...

23 June 2022

Ready, aim, fire:

“I believe in Jesus, guns and babies.”

So declares Kandiss Taylor, GOP candidate for governor of Georgia, in a campaign ad.

Or how about: “I’m...

20 May 2022

Three years ago, we helped write a report for targeting 15 corporate Democrats in Congress who deserved to be “primaried.” We called the report “Bad Blues...

27 April 2022

Sometimes one decision speaks volumes. And so it was when the Congressional Progressive Caucus -- with 98 members in the House -- recently chose to have its PAC endorse a corporate “moderate” against the strong progressive candidate...

08 March 2022
It’s tempting for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to hide her views, during her confirmation hearings, behind the image of judicial neutrality. That's what multiple recent nominees did, retreating into legalisms about how they support ...


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