30 November 2023

RAY MCCLENDON & RACHEL COYLE join us from Georgia and Ohio to parse out the grotesquely anti-democracy shenanigans from the MAGA right.

CAROLINA AMPUDIA fills us in on the struggles of Florida’s teachers' unions to sustain the...

27 November 2023

Over the weekend, Politico published the latest in a tidal wave of stories about President Biden’s dwindling prospects for re-election. Under the headline “...

18 November 2023
 11800 murdered civilians: men, women, 4600 children
But the victim we are told is the villain
Many a death certificate written before birth certificate
Yet, rotten governments western and arab procrastinate
No point to...
02 October 2023

If Robert F. Kennedy Jr. follows through on his apparent plans to run for president in the fall 2024 general election, that will make it all the more important for progressives to have a clear understanding of who Kennedy is and what he...

25 September 2023

Recent news reports have been filled with results of...

13 August 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son/nephew of a political dynasty and current candidate for president

running in the Democratic Party primaries, is widely portrayed by the corporate press as a kooky
conspiracy theorist. But he has...


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