01 October 2004
The Republicans have posted a "Debate Facts" section on their website. As is shown below, there is nothing factual about their claims.

1. Kerry On The Threat Posed By Saddam Hussein

Republicans charge that...
21 September 2004
Texas populist Jim Hightower, also known as the anti-Bush, spoke at a TrueMajority event in Bexley on August 13. Hightower signed copies of his new book Let’s Stop Beating Around the Bush. The highlight of Hightower’s talk was his detailed...
01 September 2004
The Nationwide Arena doors opened at 1:00. There would be a four-hour wait before the prodigal son returned to his ancestral home, Columbus, Ohio.

Forget about Kennebunkport, Maine. That’s where George Herbert Walker of...
13 December 2003
It's a wrap for Howard Dean's drive to be the Democratic presidential nominee. Unless the former Vermont governor has souvenirs of malodorous corruption in those famous sealed files from his gubernatorial stints in Montpelier, or once ran...
25 August 2003
Part I: Progressives and the Dean Campaign

     Let’s take Howard Dean at his word: “I was a triangulator before Clinton was a triangulator. In my soul, I’m a moderate.”

     Plenty of evidence backs up...
01 August 2003
We can only imagine Limited founder and apparel mag- nate Leslie Wexner’s consternation over the leaking of a document entitled, Wexner Analysis: Israeli Communication Priorities 2003. The report was prepared for the Wexner Foundation...


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