08 December 2006
James Baker III and the seven dwarfs of the "Iraq Study Group" have come up with some simply brilliant recommendations. Not.

Baker's Two Big Ideas are:

1. Stay half the course. Keeping 140,000 troops in Iraq is a...
08 December 2006
Did you notice something about the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group Report?  It recommends all sorts of changes, all of them far short of actually ending the war, but it recommends them all to the same person responsible for the disastrous...
06 December 2006
The Minneapolis Star-Tribune recently published an editorial that said of Bush: "His pronouncements now bear no resemblance to reality."  Now?  Oh, never mind.

Marc Sandalow, the Washington Bureau Chief for the San Francisco...
06 December 2006
Washington - This photo of condemned Iraqi ex-strongman Saddam Hussein amid exotic weapons of mass destruction, taken just before the liberation of Iraq, was...
01 December 2006
As a zone of ongoing, large-scale bloodletting, Darfur in the western Sudan has big appeal for U.S. news editors. Americans are not doing the killing, or paying for others to do it. So there's no need to minimize the slaughter with the...
17 November 2006
WHY did all manly gifts in Webster fail?
He wrote on Nature's grandest brow, For Sale.

A Tale of Two Conyers


Congressman John Conyers, "The Constitution in Crisis...


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