27 November 2019

In yesterday’s Duluth News-Tribune’s editorial page, the DNT’s regular ultra-conservative Sunday editorialist and reliable Trump administration defender Marc Thiessen made an interesting comment about his hero’s impeachment threat....

22 November 2019

Part One:

Psych Drug-related Symptoms are Often Tragically Mis-diagnosed as “Mental Illnesses of Unknown Cause” (and Therefore Tragically Mistreated with More Brain-disabling Medications)

14 November 2019

Fully-vaccinated Puppies in America are Increasingly Developing Vaccine-induced Autoimmune (AND Neurodevelopmental) Disorders Just Like Their Human Counterparts

06 November 2019

The main portion of today’s article concerns the upcoming Sneak Preview of the critically-important documentary titled VAXXED II: The People’s Truth which will be screened in Duluth, Minnesota on Wednesday, November 13...

31 October 2019


  1. Five Dangerous Dog Vaccine Ingredients


By Dana Scott (Founder and Editor in Chief of Dogs Naturally Magazine) (2317 words)




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