22 November 2019

Part One:

Psych Drug-related Symptoms are Often Tragically Mis-diagnosed as “Mental Illnesses of Unknown Cause” (and Therefore Tragically Mistreated with More Brain-disabling Medications)

14 November 2019

Fully-vaccinated Puppies in America are Increasingly Developing Vaccine-induced Autoimmune (AND Neurodevelopmental) Disorders Just Like Their Human Counterparts

31 October 2019


  1. Five Dangerous Dog Vaccine Ingredients


By Dana Scott (Founder and Editor in Chief of Dogs Naturally Magazine) (2317 words)



23 October 2019


Vaccine Efficacy (VE)is the percentage reduction of disease outcomes in a vaccinated group of people compared to an unvaccinated group, using the most favorable conditions. It is...

03 October 2019

Trump with Likud Party Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Aka, the Likud Party Half of the “US/Israeli Wannabe Authoritarian Tag-team”)

Israel’s influential center-left newspaper, Haaretz, commented recently on...

27 September 2019

The Passage of California’s Controversial Senate Bill 276 Reveals that PharmacoFascism is Alive and Well

(Minnesota’s legislators, just like state and federal legislators everywhere, are universally vaccinology...


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