15 January 2003
Ohio recorded 652 murders in 1989, sentenced eight killers to death that year, and has scheduled a Wednesday February 12 execution for one who confessed, Richard Fox. State law permits execution for the worst murderers, where...
13 November 2002
written 19th February 2002

Today they killed a friend of mine
for a crime he didn’t do

John Byrd was an innocent man
and THAT they certainly knew!

The Ohio courts and Governor Taft...
13 November 2002
Columbus Dispatch editors are at it again. In a Sept. 10 headline, the Big D proclaimed “Hagan wouldn’t execute child killer.” Similar headlines have appeared in the past against other disfavored politicians, usually substituting words...
13 November 2002
The state of Ohio killed Robert Buell on September 25. The mainstream mass media made sure that everyone knew that Buell was sentenced to death for the sexual assault and murder of 11-year-old Krista Harrison. During Buell’s eighteen years...
26 September 2002

After Campanella lost, the democrats took over and newly elected commissioner Mary Boyle was happy to fire me. I entered the republican primary for council, won, but lost...
25 September 2002
Like every little boy, I played cowboys and Indians, army and other childhood pastimes such as dodge ball or hide and seek with my friends. When not engaged in these games we often played football, basketball and, of course, baseball. We...


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