18 December 2020

Being a careful proofreader, I provided some volunteer assistance to Mayor Pete:

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Pete Buttigieg <info@...

12 December 2020

Smedley Butler won’t be around next year to save us.

       The former Marine Corps general was offered a ton of money in 1933 to murder newly-elected president Franklin Roosevelt and stage a...

03 December 2020

See Trump flail.

He dreams the Supremes will hand him the presidency. (They could.)

Or that a closed session of Congress will flip him the Electoral College. (It could.)

Each would be a coup against...

09 November 2020

In June 2019, Joe Biden promised wealthy so-called donors that nothing would fundamentally change. At this moment hundreds of millions of people — from those shooting off fireworks to those ranting as though they will soon shoot up...

31 October 2020

Many readers will remember how Republicans rigged the elections in Florida in 2000. A violent mob prevented volunteers from completing the recount in contested southern counties.  As a result, the recount could not be completed in time...

29 October 2020

"There is a kind of an official view about democracy—it says that you, the public, are spectators not...


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