18 January 2022

Voting Rights Bills Under Attack On MLK DAY…and a plan to fight back 

On Martin Luther King Day we confront the horrendous blitzkrieg against voting rights and the future of American democracy.

At this GREEP ZOOM...

17 January 2022
We are EXTREMELY CONCERNED about the attacks and actions promulgated by Pacifica’s current leadership and attorneys, and we think you will be, too, once you know more about them.

We write as part of the majority of the Pacifica...

15 December 2021
We start with the great JENNIFER ROBERTS, former two-term mayor of Charlotte, NC.  Jennifer is a world-class pioneer in Election Protection, green power and much more.

JENNIFER'S affiliation with the CARTER CENTER is a...
07 December 2021

Keynote Speaker:

The Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition zoom #75 headlines the great long-time activist KENNY BRUNO in a devastating 90-minute discussion...

02 December 2021

Our 74th GRASSROOTS EMERGENCY ELECTION PROTECTION COALITION Zoom features the great KEITH ELLISON, Attorney-General of Minnesota in a riveting All-Star gathering that gets to the core of to save our democracy under fire.



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