Dan Hardway has been in the active practice of law for the past thirty-four years. He is a graduate of Cornell Law School (class of 1981). He is a member in good standing of the bars of North Carolina, West Virginia, Florida and Indiana. Dan is engaged in the general practice of law in Cowen, WV. He is a small town solo-practitioner. His practice focuses on representing nonprofit organizations, especially Christian churches and ministries, firearms rights litigation, small business representation, estate planning, wills and trusts, and estate administration. In 1977-1978, he worked as a researcher for the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and assisted Ed Lopez, in authoring “Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City.”



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10 November 2017

James Angleton set the strategy in 1964.  “Jim would prefer to wait out the Commission,” as one CIA memo about Warren Commission inquiries put it....

27 October 2015

 We all need to thank Phil Shenon for bringing attention to the CIA’s latest position in their continuing stonewalling of the truth in...