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18 February 2002

Cincinnati City Council

Seven members of the Cincinnati City Council voted in December for a death penalty...
09 December 2001

Representative Barbara Lee

Representative Barbara Lee of Oakland, California, the lone dissenter in the U.S....
18 October 2001
There is an incredibly biologically special place, right here in Ohio. It's called the Highlands Nature Sanctuary. It had been...
02 October 2001
Pennsylvania Abolitionists United Against the Death Penalty issued a demand to Abbott Laboratories that they immediately stop selling Sodium Thiopental for use...
01 July 2001

U.S. Senator Jim Jeffords

Not since the Nazi Party ascended to power with only a third of the vote in the early 1930’s has there...

23 May 2001
The Central Ohio Greens are running two candidates for Columbus City Council this year — John McGovern and Greg Richey. The two candidates are calling for a...