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26 January 2003
The USA has bombed the following countries between 1945 and 1999:

China (1945-46 & 1950-53)
Korea (1950-53)
Guatemala (1954...
26 January 2003
Free Press Editor Bob Fitrakis recently received the endorsement of the Central Ohio Green Party for Columbus City Council. Dr. Fitrakis, a professor of...
26 January 2003
Freep Hero: Nancy Talanian and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Just before Christmas, Oakland, CA became the 20th municipality in the...
26 January 2003
Local activists put in a full day’s work on December 10, International Human Rights Day. To protest human rights violations and threats against civil liberties...
26 January 2003
January 22, 2003, will mark the 30th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, the landmark privacy ruling that gives women the constitutional...
18 November 2002
Earthly Summitry
by Earthly Summitry, November 13, 2002