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Cartoonish image of cheating husband
07 November 2022

Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines’ final TV ad buy aims to tell conservative voters the juicy truth about Justice Pat DeWine’s two messy divorces...

Board of Elections building
06 November 2022

Columbus voters will decide three Issues on Tuesday’s ballot, and all three will change the Columbus City Charter. The city’s constitution since 1914, which...

02 November 2022

Both Policy Matters Ohio and ACLU Ohio support the coalition working to defeat Issue 1 — a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution which would double...

Tim Ryan
24 October 2022

Both African Americans and progressives in Ohio are wondering if throwing a football at a TV screen is the Tim Ryan blunder which makes Ohio even more MAGA...

Four people standing and posing
20 October 2022

The national evangelical group Vote Common Good swept through Ohio this week urging fellow Christians to defeat election-denying, insurrection-supporting...