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Harvey J Graff
25 December 2021

Note: area readers are aware that the local “daily newspaper” is no longer either daily or a newspaper. Following USA Today/Gannett, the...

Harvey J Graff
22 December 2021

Quietly, as usual, the undemocratic apparatuses of the City of Columbus make their moves.

On Friday, Dec. 10, the Columbus Dispatch briefly...

Harvey J Graff
19 December 2021

Former president Donald Trump popularized the phrase “fake news” as one of his terms of universal condemnation for any reporting—or stated facts—with which...

Harvey Graff
14 December 2021

I was sorting the postal delivery recently when I opened an envelope addressed to my wife. It announced a “national campaign” and “citizen opinion survey”...

Harvey J Graff
11 December 2021

Fearing for his political life, at the end of August, Gov. DeWine joined the right-wing blinded parade in opposing teaching critical race theory in Ohio’s K...

Harvey Graff
06 December 2021

I continue my examination of The Ohio State University. In this essay, I focus on several dimensions of public health. Ohio State has a large medical center...