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Harvey Graff
06 December 2021

I continue my examination of The Ohio State University. In this essay, I focus on several dimensions of public health. Ohio State has a large medical center...

Harvey Graff
01 December 2021

No longer a leader, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s failures are clear. (For background see my...

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25 November 2021

For a brighter Thanksgiving in our troubled times, I share my carefully chosen, over a number of months, roster of diverse age and origins Young Heroes....

Harvey Graff
20 November 2021

I begin with a partial disclaimer. My knowledge about the failures of Columbus city government comes largely from the middle-to upper-middle-level officials...

17 November 2021

Two and a half months ago, I published this letter to the editor in the Toledo Blade, Aug. 29, 2021: 


Where is the Ohio Democratic...

Harvey Graff
13 November 2021

Note: My apologies for misspelling Chase Meola’s last name. No offense was intended. To other readers, I am not minimizing the very real crime problems...