22 September 2013
In an outrageous affirmation of “he said, she said” journalism, NBC News’s chief White House correspondent and MSNBC host Chuck Todd said that it’s not the media’s job to report the facts or debunk right-wing spin about Obamacare.
16 September 2013
September 17th, 2013, Frack Free Ohio and local residents will launch a county wide campaign to ban toxic fracking waste in Richland County. This is an exciting project for several reasons. We are widening our successful local efforts of...
27 August 2013
The neocon war criminals who took the U.S. into an illegal and disastrous war in Iraq are back - and demanding a Syria War.
The Shock and Awe bombing of Baghdad in 2003 that launched the disastrous Iraq War. We say No!
18 August 2013
Mercy for Animals investigations found that Wal-Mart uses pork products from factory farms that put female pigs in gestation crates.
This investigation documented: Pregnant pigs confined to filthy, metal gestation crates so small...
06 August 2013
I'm on my way to Madison, Wisconsin, and I hope you are too, and not just for the beer and (veggie) bratwursts. Here are seven other good reasons:
· The Student Power Convergence, Aug. 1-5 (ending now, but folks sticking...
03 August 2013
Israel's Nuclear Whistle Blower was born in Morocco and he has requested asylum from many states ever since he emerged from 18 years [most all in solitary confinement] in a windowless tomb sized cell on 21 April 2004.



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