03 November 2021

From Panama to Puerto Rico, the emerging struggle for independence from US imperialism continues in Latin America today. Puerto Rico is still a colony, called by the imperialists a common wealth, and although Jimmy Carter had us finally...

03 November 2021


“Could China’s economy collapse?” was the title of an October 15...

02 November 2021

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Ancient Silk Road travelers cursed China's
largest desert as "Takla Makan," an ominous Persian-Turkic expression
which translates as "enter and you may never return."

Undeterred by its...

25 October 2021


When the news circulated that Morocco's leading political group, the Development and Justice Party (PJD), has been trounced in the...

05 October 2021

BANGKOK, Thailand -- After China's recent cryptocurrency crackdown,
impoverished Laos is now allowing Bitcoin mining, fueled by abundant
hydroelectric power from the Mekong River and shrugging off U.S.
warnings of...


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