07 June 2021

Why does the US advocate a free market while doing its utmost to stifle it? The current US-China economic war is a perfect example of this perplexing question. 


The legacy of Milton Friedman...

01 June 2021

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Some of Biden's and Trump's most active boosters
here in Southeast Asia have joined forces, demanding the State
Department vaccinate all American expats in Thailand, as a model for

18 May 2021

From the outset, some clarification regarding the language used to depict the ongoing violence in occupied Palestine, and also throughout Israel. This is not a ‘conflict’. Neither is it a ‘dispute’ nor ‘sectarian violence’ nor...

14 May 2021

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Tiny Palau invited the Pentagon to build ports,
bases and airfields on its Pacific islands, after Chinese President Xi
Jinping bullied Palau by destabilizing its fragile economy, according

30 April 2021

BANGKOK, Thailand -- President Biden's announced withdrawal from
Afghanistan will be the second time since 1989 that the U.S. retreats
from that country -- and twice after years of boosting war but losing


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