19 February 2020

BANGKOK, Thailand -- More than 5,000 U.S. troops begin training
Thailand's military on February 22, coinciding with demands for the
army's chief to resign and alleged financial corruption within the
military be...

14 February 2020

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Cambodia's authoritarian leader Hun Sen is not
panicking about the possibility of the deadly coronavirus killing
anyone in his Southeast Asian nation.

And he's not evacuating Cambodians...

12 February 2020

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's Disease Control Department is
preparing for "an epidemic all over the country" because data proves
the coronavirus can continuously double the number of infected people
in less than a...

11 February 2020

It’s early 2019, and Brazil’s up surging right-wing elects Jair Bolsonaro, a retired army Captain. With it, comes a new administration alongside him, carrying the promises of a political shift away from the claws of corruption...

10 February 2020

BANGKOK, Thailand -- After shooting dead an army gunman on February 9
in a Korat shopping mall where he killed 29 people, security forces
faced the difficult task of securing weapons, ammunition and vehicles

09 February 2020

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's health minister has provoked outrage
by demanding a warning to embassies and the deportation of all "those
damn Caucasian tourists" if they do not wear medical face masks, even


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