27 March 2020

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A brawl over COVID-19 has erupted between the
American and Chinese embassies after President Trump's newly appointed
ambassador blamed China for spreading a "vicious and dangerous

23 March 2020

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Fear of the coronavirus is rapidly making
Thailand less attractive for tourists, potentially boring for
residents, and possibly dangerous for white people.

Places where people "rub up...

18 March 2020

BANGKOK, Thailand -- High on hope, Americans and other foreigners have
arrived selling satellite imagery, financial services, grow lights and
other products to profit from Thailand's recently legalized medical...

19 February 2020

BANGKOK, Thailand -- More than 5,000 U.S. troops begin training
Thailand's military on February 22, coinciding with demands for the
army's chief to resign and alleged financial corruption within the
military be...

14 February 2020

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Cambodia's authoritarian leader Hun Sen is not
panicking about the possibility of the deadly coronavirus killing
anyone in his Southeast Asian nation.

And he's not evacuating Cambodians...

12 February 2020

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's Disease Control Department is
preparing for "an epidemic all over the country" because data proves
the coronavirus can continuously double the number of infected people
in less than a...


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