24 May 2005
Media activism has achieved a lot. But I don’t believe there’s anything to be satisfied with -- considering the present-day realities of corporate media and the warfare state.

War has become a constant of U.S. foreign...
14 May 2005
Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman was one of several distinguished guests, including Seymour Hersh, Rep. Bernie Sanders, Phil Donahue, Naomi Klein and other prominent media professionals.

...Hersh claimed the Iraq War was...
11 March 2005
Sadly, it has come to this. Two years after the invasion of Iraq, the online powerhouse -- which built most of its member base with a strong antiwar message -- is not pushing for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.
09 March 2005
Without his make-up, Dan looked like hell warmed over: old, defeated, yet angry. And he told our television audience something that just blew me away. Dan Rather said that American reporters may not ask tough questions about George Bush...
21 February 2005
When I think of newspaper journalists who became authors and had enormous impacts on media criticism in the United States, two names come to mind.

One is George Seldes. As a young man, he covered the First World War and...
11 January 2005
Network's Craven Back-Down on Bush Draft Dodge Report Sure to Get a Standing Rove-ation at White House

"Independent" my ass. CBS' cowardly purge of five journalists who exposed George Bush's dodging of the Vietnam War...


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