02 April 2004
Some of the most closely guarded documents in the White House are sure to be the ones written by the president’s top media strategist. The public will never get to see the key memos from Karl Rove, but a typical one these days might...
08 January 2004

Public Access TV: On December 18th, Rich James, Chair of the Neighborhood Network, spoke at City budget hearings. To read his prepared remarks visit www....
11 December 2003
"I'm Ted Koppel and thisssssssss... is 'Nightline.'" If you remember that line, or the Saturday Night Line exaggeration of it, then you are old enough to know who Ted Koppel is, and why he might be bored by a debate with too little blood...
02 December 2003
While free from Force the Press remains,
Virtue and Freedom chear our Plains,
And Learning Largesses bestows,
And keeps unlicens’d open House.
We to the Nation’s publick Mart
Our Works of Wit, and Schemes...
12 October 2003
Republicans are at it again: New Bush scam--"letters from Iraq" are mass-produced.....will the press give the administration the hounding it deserves?

Newspapers around U.S. get identical missives from Iraq...
21 September 2003
On Aug. 6, Duante Miller, 20, was shot to death by two police officers as he ran from them through a housing project in Columbus Ohio. How has the mainstream media covered it?

Victim Gave Police Reason To Shoot Him,” the...


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