30 November 2023

Shortly after the start of a four-day ceasefire in the war on Gaza, the prime ministers of Spain and Belgium, Pedro Sanchez and Alexander De Croo,...

22 November 2023

Israel continues to deliberately target residential buildings, hospitals,
schools, bakeries, flour mills, water storage facilities and other public
facilities. But they will nget to pause occasionally over the next few days...

07 November 2023
The leaders of the world must assert common humanity and create a new path, a new map which is fair to all, and establish a new, peaceful coexistence which recognizes the inner equality of all.

We are now being presented, several times a...

03 November 2023
The subjugation and annihilation of innocent civilians, bombed into the dust of "collateral damage," does not support America, Israel or the West's claim for moral high ground and a path to peace.


On Tuesday, October 31, 2023,...

25 October 2023

“(Tutsis) are cockroaches. We will kill you.”

 Arabs are like “drugged cockroaches in a bottle.”

 The first quote was a line repeated frequently by the Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines...

18 October 2023

Israel had the perfect plan for Gaza - in fact, for all Palestinians, when it decided to...


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